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Y este es un pequeño resumen de los que ha sido Enero y Febrero
And this is a little resume of what January and February

(Lovely welcome to my sister place)

(Madrid views)

(Expo time: Gauguin)

(Coffee time: the best moment of the day)

(Working time)

(Christmas tree in Sol)

(Bye Bye Madrid)

(Antwerp Again!!!)

(Let it snow!!)

(Delicious dinner mmm)

(The best roommates ♥)

(Lovely presents ^^)

(Cool parties)

(Beer time ^^)

(Vintage shop)

(The biggest and lovely message ever seen, thanks Junco!!)

(Manel's dessert)


(A trip to Brugge)

(With Laura in Brugge)

(Central Station)


(Wonderful presents)

(Kitchen messages from Michelangelo)

(Antwerp streets)

(Inspiring phrase)

6 comentarios:

Anónimo dijo...

Que recuerdos mas bonitos!!!!!

Low Posh dijo...

Un resumen estupendo, qué bonito todo nevado!
Hoy vengo con un post de mi día en la Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, échale un vistazo en http://lowposh.blogspot.com.es/
un besito :)

Tess dijo...

Acabo de descubrir tu blog y me encanta! Las fotos son chulísimas♥


Danielle dijo...

lots of great photos!

xx http://fameliquorlove.blogspot.com

Carolina dijo...

wow - i am totally in love with your blog! it is gorgeous! keep on the good work - i follow now! <3
i'd be very glad if u could visit my blog too :)



Eyes of Paris dijo...

Good blog !!

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